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The news is that Sufjan Stevens’ next album in his 50 States Project, Illinois, will be out July 5. This is the followup to Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lakes State. (Seven Swans was in between, but it’s not part of the States Project.)

I really like Sufjan! He’s so good that his mp3s of Christmas songs are good enough to listen to in March.

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  1. andy (not andyl) Says:

    This makes me happier than anything else pitchfork has ever reported on. MORE RECORDS FROM SUFJAN!@@!@!

    I’d love to see a Delaware EP sometime.

  2. ipickmynose: an SF-centric indie music blog » sufjan’s christmas contest/ gift exchange Says:

    […] like Sufjan’s Christmas stuff enough that I’ll listen to it in March without apologies, but there’s a new twist. Everyone’s favorite Santa[1], Sufjan is […]

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