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kings of leon vs. convenience

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The Kings of Convenience are the Norwegian indie pop band staring Erland Oye. The Kings of Leon are the southern rock band that have an autographed picture hanging in Little Stevie’s House of Pizza, saying it’s the best pizza place in town.

I always get those two confused.

3 Responses to “kings of leon vs. convenience”

  1. Tark Says:

    The only thing Stevie’s is, is well… convenient.

    Something about that Kings of Leon record — I feel like I _shouldn’t_ like it, but I can’t help it. It’s catchy.

    The thing that perplexes me is that Amazon is packaging the Kings of Leon record with the new Bright Eyes. Weird.

  2. Adrian Says:

    Yeah, I agree about the Kings of Leon record.

    The new Bright Eyes isn’t actually bad. Perhaps not worth quite the rave reviews, but good.

    In that vein of music, though, I’m liking the new Crooked Fingers record a lot.

  3. ipickmynose: a San Francisco Bay Area-centric, mostly indie music blog » what I’m actually listening to: Kings of Leon’s Because of the Times Says:

    […] I’m not a hardcore fan of the Kings of Leon, having first heard them shortly after Aha Shake Heartbreak came out and I was reviewing it for the station (though I had heard of them: they had a signed photo in my favorite pizza parlor in Boston going back to probably 2001 or 2002). I didn’t know enough about them to know that I shouldn’t, as a friend put it, like that record, so I just listened in ignorance, enjoying the catchy music. […]

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