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yawn, radio

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dang! I’m tired!

this week’s playlist for my radio show.

if anyone was listening, the dead air and awkwardness in the later part of my show weren’t my fault. I had a dj trainee sitting in on my show.

hey andy, remember when we’d have mike glasser “sit in” with our band? and all he’d do would be to sit on a chair amongst the band? that was good stuff.

3 Responses to “yawn, radio”

  1. Milkshake Says:

    That was good stuff! Although when you guys would do “We Didn’t Start the Fire” I would join in on the chorus I think.

    My favorite memory of doing that was how I would always make you guys say how lonely I was – implying that I was looking for a chick. Then one show a girl came up and talked to me while I was “sitting in”. I remember after a song Andy looked over and said “Sitting in with us is Mike Glaser – and he’s not lonely anymore”. I loved that! Note the spelling by the way – Glaser – one S.

    Thanks for letting me be a part of your bad guys – it was a blast.

  2. Milkshake Says:

    DOH – baNd – maybe I should preview my posts.

  3. Adrian Says:

    I don’t actually remember that incident, though I can definitely imagine it happening. Oh we were so funny back then!

    Sorry about the ‘s’ mixup. I knew a Glasser at MIT. It’s screwing me all up.

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